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Weld Better with Weldclass

Weldclass is a 100% Australian family-owned business operated by Australian individuals.

Originally founded in regional Australia (Tamworth, NSW), Weldclass continues to have its headquarters there to this day.

What led us to choose Weldclass?

Weldclass prioritizes their customers' success through four key pillars:

  • Easy to Engage With: They have a customer-centric approach, transparent communication, and a supportive team.

  • Presentation: Weldclass assists their distributors in delivering outstanding customer experiences with professional in-store displays and easily understandable product information.

  • Leading Products: Their products are innovative, dependable, and top performers in their field. Each product line undergoes extensive development, research, testing, and refinement, all aimed at bringing a smile when the welding helmet is lifted.

  • Stock Availability: Weldclass maintains the welding industry's highest supply rate, typically exceeding 95%.

Explore the Weldclass range at Simply Timber and Roofing or reach out to us at 5743 0000.

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