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ROVER - Reliable Lawn Mowers for Aussie backyards, since 1956.

Born in Brisbane in 1956, Rover has earned a reputation for building tough, reliable lawn mowers, designed for mowing Aussie lawns of all shapes and sizes.

When you choose a Rover lawn mower, be it a Walk-Behind, Ride-On or Zero-Turn mower, you aren't just buying an essential piece of gardening equipment; you're getting a trusted, hardworking companion committed to cutting time, effort and grass.

Rover mowers are designed for ease of use, safety and comfort and are built to be tough and reliable.

Check out the Rover Hi Wheeler!

A tough all-terrain Utility mower, capable of clearing long grass fast, with its higher cut height adjustment and side discharge design. While the large rear wheels make for easier handling over rough or uneven terrain.

Truly a capable allrounder, the Hi Wheeler is also suited to regular maintenance of pristine lawns. Featuring fine mulching capability and a unique striping flap at the back, designed to leave an elegant striped finish to your freshly mown lawn.

The large 53cm cutting deck will also reduce mowing time, and is suited to large blocks up to 1/2 an acre.

The Hi Wheeler is backed by Rover's famous 5+5 year engine and unit warranty, for year after year durability.

For long lasting build quality and multi purpose mowing capability you cant beat a Rover Hi Wheeler!

Backed by Rover's famous 5+5 year engine and unit warranty, the Hi Wheeler offers year after year durability.

  • 21 Inch Cutting Deck

  • 196cc Rover Engine

  • Side Discharge

  • 5 Year Warranty

Contact us to find out more about the Rover range - 03 5743 0000

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