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Power on the go with RATO

RATO inverter generators can be used to power everything from around the home, camping, events, construction and in unwanted emergencies.

They produce clean, high quality pure sine wave electricity in a compact and portable unit and can be used to run sensitive electronics like laptops and mobiles, home appliances such as a fridge or fan and even taken to constructions sites to power drills and welders. If you want

cleaner power on the go, then a RATO inverter generator is a must have!

RATO Inverter generator features

- High performance 4 stroke OHV engines.

- Better controlled, clean power

- Eco throttle

- Electric start options

- Whisper quite operation!

- Built in USB ports - all models

- Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

- Smart circuit protection

- Low engine oil alarm

- 32 amp IP66 plug (available on specific models)

- Parallel-in function; allowing two inverter generators, with or without the same specifications, to be connected with the RATO parallel cable to increase your power.


All RATO products are covered by our 2 year/500 hour domestic warranty

Contact us at Simply Timber and Roofing to get the right generator for your needs.

Simply Timber and Roofing Supplies - 5743 0000

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