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Gutter Protection with Karben

Since the leaf screener system’s invention more than 20 years ago it has been widely recognised as the most effective gutter protection product available.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, Karben Industries has decades of industry experience enabling them to offer market leading products, supported by unmatched customer service.

Karben Industries offers the entire range of gutter guard componentry, committed to distributing industry leading gutter and ember guard protection products.

Suitable for use on both tile and metal roofs - see diagrams below

The most popular gutter protection mesh has an aperture of 3mm x 4mm making it very effective for eliminating most leaves from your roof guttering system whilst allowing high volumes of water to pass through. Available in 26 colours, the aluminium mesh has a strand width of 1mm and is extremely pliable, offering a chic modern looking installation.

Contact Simon at Simply Timber and Roofing Supplies for more details on - 5743 0000

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Michelle Amanda
Michelle Amanda

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