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Great Specials On Australia's Leading Water Tank Manufacturer

Bushmans products are built to withstand the demands of daily use and the harsh Australian climate. The quality behind the Bushmans name is guaranteed.

From 1000L to 360 000L, plastic / poly tanks to steel, Bushmans have an immense range of water tank sizes and solutions for agricultural, industrial and personal use.

Benefits of Bushmans’ Rainwater Tanks and Tank Products:

  • Sunsmart® polyethene lasting longer in the sun

  • Tanks designed to last using computer-aided product design

  • Structural engineering analysis so you can be sure that your water tank will perform in all conditions

  • Thick walls in tank base for added tank strength

  • Robust quality control systems

  • Ultra-sound quality control testing

  • Bushmans built-to-order delivery system using our own Customer Care Team.

Bushmans currently has some great specials on a range of water tanks so give us a call at Simply Timber for prices. - 5743 0000

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