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Check out our range of NORMA poly fittings

NORMA group are leaders in developing the most innovative and secure clamps, connectors and fluid systems including aviation, automotive, water management, pharma and biotech, marine and construction.

The NORMA range of fittings allows fast, secure connection of polyethylene tubing for any industrial, commercial, or domestic applications, such as: irrigation, plumbing and water supply network.

The NORMA® Metric Compression Fittings are premium polypropylene fittings specifically crafted for use in watering, irrigation, and industrial settings, facilitating quick and effortless connection with polyethylene pipes. Featuring a variety of connection styles, UV resistance, and ergonomic design, the NORMA@ Metric Compression Fittings are ideal for diverse applications.

NORMA Group holds a prominent global position in engineered joining technology across three product categories – clamp, connect, and fluid. With a solid track record of over 25 years in the Australian market, NORMA Group is committed to delivering an extensive and cutting-edge product range of the utmost quality.

Contact us to find out more about both NORMA and Aussie Pump products on 03 5743 0000

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