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Biotrap System now certified Organic

The Biotrap Stick & Trap Fruit Fly Monitoring System has been certified Organic.

Home gardeners and organic farmers have a new trapping system for the Monitoring of Queensland Fruit Fly.

The Biotrap Trap and Stick system was developed to conform to organic certification specifically to avoid the use of any insecticide. This system uses an enclosed horizontally positioned sticky panel that allows for visible awareness of insect activity. Alternative systems that are organic certified use liquid based lures that make identification difficult and the fluid dries rapidly in hot weather.

The Biotrap Trap and Stick system has been extensively tested to ensure that it performs equally to pesticide or liquid based lures. The lure has an effective field life of six months. Replacement of the sticky panel and the pheromone is a safe and easy task.

The Biotrap Trap & Stick system is available now from Simply Timber and Roofing.

Call Simon on 5743 0000 to find out more.

Author: Southern Cross Certified

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