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Biotrap for Fruit Fly - Home Garden Kit

Don't trap just at harvest time - trap BEFORE & AFTER HARVEST -

this will stop fruit fly numbers building up at harvest or by next

season's harvest.

Control strategies for homeowners need to be applied early and

continuously after fruit set. Flies become active in mid-August as the

weather warms up but will mate when the temperature reaches 15°C

– at Sunset and then start laying eggs. Once the eggs have been

laid in the fruit it is too late to start control. Prevention is the best

option. By starting to monitor and control fruit fly 6-8 weeks before

harvest (while fruit is hard and green) fly numbers can be

dramatically reduced when the fruit is ripe.

Remember, almost every type of fruit and fruiting vegetable is a

potential host for fruit fly.

QFF is controllable - but each season there are things to do in your

back yard and it is best to use a number of control options to

minimise the damage.

If you can, get your neighbours on board as Fruit Fly have no


If you have a Fruit Fly problem the Biotrap Trap – Trap and Stick

system will help you determine how bad the problem is. You may

also need to net the Fruit Trees if the problem is extreme.

Contact Simon at Simply Timber for more information - 5743 0000

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